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Shedding a light on a new and luxurious form of real estate in San Miguel de Allende, Luxury Living International Magazine showcases these enchantingly unique “Vineyard Estate” Communities in San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato, Mexico. Discover the exceptional and indulgent world of Vineyard real estate in San Miguel de Allende, where you can own a piece of your very own vineyard in Central Mexico’s up-and-coming wine country.

Vineyard Estates in San Miguel de Allende Showcase The Perfect Blend of Wine and Luxury Real Estate in Central Mexico’s Wine Country

(LLI) – Although San Miguel de Allende is not (yet) Napa Valley, Baja or Tuscany, wine lovers and those who are amazed by this magical town in the heart of Mexico have the opportunity to embark on a unique real estate venture that combines luxury San Miguel de Allende real estate with fine wine and owning a piece of a vineyard.

While wine consumption, especially in North America, has seen record increases in the past two years, an increase in confidence in the U.S. real estate market has also led to more interest in the purchase of international property around the globe, including in Latin America, especially Mexico. With a new take on real estate in San Miguel de Allende and other areas in Mexico, some developments are combining a perfect blend of wine vineyards, real estate and luxury homes, capitalizing on the growing interest in wine and investment in international real estate.

In these new and elite “Vineyard Estate” developments, property owners are given the unique opportunity to own real estate in a serene setting in a master-planned community while reaping the benefits of owning their very own vineyard. Three such communities, just outside the historic and charming city of San Miguel de Allende, are leading the way in this intriguing concept in wine infused real estate. La Santísima Trinidad, Viñedo San Miguel and Los Senderos are the area’s first “Vineyard Estate” communities offering exceptional real estate opportunities surrounded by their own vineyard, allowing owners an up-close-and-personal involvement in the wine-making experience and living the good life.

Viñedo San Miguel is an exclusive San Miguel de Allende vineyard and real estate community just 10-minutes from Centro San Miguel de Allende. Spread over 120 hectares (353 acres), 20% of the property is for development while a gracious 80% remains for the vineyards and amenities. Viñedo offers a carefree lifestyle where property owners enjoy living among the fruits of their labor, literally.

Vineyard in San Miguel The vineyards are cared for by state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified personnel making owning a vineyard carefree and enjoyable. Owners here have the option of producing their own wine and varietals under their very own label and enjoying it for their own consumption or marketing and selling their wine and/or the grapes for a profit.

Among the many amenities at Viñedo owners enjoy horse stables, a swimming pool, tennis, gourmet dining, wine shops and more. One of the highlights is the exclusive invite to wine tastings, dinners and the annual wine harvest party.

Another wine community near San Miguel de Allende is La Santísima Trinidad – a Vineyard Estate Community neighboring one of Mexico’s most recognized wineries, Vega Manchon Winery – Cuna de Tierra. La Santísima Trinidad is situated among sprawling vineyards, olive groves and lavender fields, and the entire design is inspired by the land’s unique characteristics of Mediterranean-like scenery, weather and soil conditions, perfect for growing grapes.

Anchored by the beautiful Clubhouse made of stone and timber, featuring terraces and outdoor fireplaces, and epitomizing easy living in San Miguel de Allende, real estate owners here enjoy access to fine dining at the restaurant as well as an 80-barrel wine cellar that houses the “La Santisima Trinidad” wine.

Approximately 80% of the vineyards, olive groves and lavender fields at La Santísima are under the care and management of the development giving La Santísima Trinidad the ability to produce and market the wines and products derived from the olive groves and lavender fields. Each property owner receives their share of the different products generated throughout the property (i.e., wine, olive oil, olives, grapes, lavender oil, etc.) and even has the option to receive their portion of profits from sales.

And just 2-minutes outside of San Miguel de Allende with views back to the city you will find Los Senderos, a master-planned community offering over 1,100 vines that will be producing notable wine in just a few short years. At Los Senderos they pride themselves on a sustainable community complete with organic gardens that provide fresh herbs and vegetables for their award-winning restaurant. With just 49 homesites and 8 large ranchette homesites, Los Senderos offers homeowners a low density and casual yet elegant lifestyle in San Miguel, all surrounded by a lake, natural thermal hot springs and a luxurious spa with plans for a 5-star boutique hotel.

Revolutionizing the options for living and retiring abroad in San Miguel de Allende, these Vineyard Estate Communities are on the forefront of a luxurious and prosperous way of life. Capitalizing on a unique market niche, La Santísima Trinidad, Viñedo San Miguel and Los Senderos bring luxury property buyers exactly what they are looking for – a simple and carefree way of life in a breathtaking environment complimented by the nectar of the gods.