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Finca Vivé by Freixenet Mexico

Finca Vivé by Freixenet Mexico

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Located in the heart of Queretaro, just a short drive from San Miguel de Allende in the municipality of Ezequiel Montes, Finca Sala Vivé by Freixenet Mexico practices winemaking with a passion and dynamism that blends together for a tasteful experience.

From the first taste on the tongue, it’s obvious that something special is happening at Finca Sala Vivé. Both the sparkling and still varietals have the unmistakable mark of wines produced in the unique environment of the Queretaro territory, further enhanced by the optimal conditions of the cave 25 meters deep in which they are aged and bottled. But it goes beyond technical skill and process. Each sip, in fact, is imbued with the winemaking wisdom earned through Freixenet’s long history.

Lauded the world over for its fine sparkling wines and cava, Freixenet chose Queretaro, located just outside of San Miguel de Allende, because the area is known by vintners, sommeliers, and other oenophiles for its excellent geo-climatic characteristics for growing grapes. The climate of this land has a great influence in the vineyards. Being about 2,000 meters above sea level temperatures between day and night contrast dramatically (25 ° C in the day and 0 ° C at night). These extreme and unusual conditions favor the ripening of the grapes and enhance their qualities.

Elegant, fresh, with fine bubbles, for different times and different sensitivities, the three ranges of sparkling wines are crafted according to a traditional method that includes a second fermentation in the bottle. Indeed, Freixenet cavas are internationally known and appreciated by palates all over the world.

Finca Sala Vivé by Freixenet Mexico also offers two ranges of still wines, featuring young and lively wines complemented by the bouquet and breeding of vintage wines whose pedigrees are well established.

The vineyard is close enough to enjoy a day trip from San Miguel de Allende. Visitors to Finca Sala Vivé will be wowed by the scenic beauty of the estate the winery calls home, with a custom-crafted designed reminiscent of the old Mexican haciendas. Surrounded by gardens and with pristine views of the Peña de Bernal, the farm has a large expanse of vineyards where the grapes are grown with meticulous care. There is also an expansive visitors center and a rooms for weddings, private functions and other special events.

The vineyard offers a variety of experiences for everyone from connoisseurs to energetic enthusiasts to the virgin palate. Take a classic tour of the famous wine cave 25 meters below the surface of the earth, take it easy with a tour by tram, or get lost in the ambiance with a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride through the vineyard. For more advanced palates, there are wine tastings, annual festivals or the opportunity to spend the day with a sommelier.

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