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Forbes Mexico Talks Wine in San Miguel de Allende

san miguel de allende and guanajuato wines

In a recent article by Forbes Mexico, the town of San Miguel de Allende and the state of Guanajuato announce their plans to become the leaders in wine production in Mexico.

With 20 active vineyards and 80 hectares available, the town of San Miguel de Allende seeks to consolidate its position as the largest producer of wine in Mexico. Part of the strategy to position the municipality as the wine segment consists of scholarships – specialists in wines – sommelier, and people seeking to become expert winemakers and agricultural engineers interested in developing the production of the region. As part of the positioning strategy, the Guanajuato municipality signed an agreement with France to promote wine tourism in the region.

Cecilio Garza, President of the Board of Trustees wine of San Miguel de Allende, stressed that “France, one of the major producers of wine worldwide, shares his knowledge bringing to their specialists to find the best land to plant the grape and prepare those who are interested in its production”.

In labour matters, the Guanajuato Government estimates that wine production will be a source of employment which will leave an economic impact that is important for rural communities in the municipality, as the growth trend is 20% annual production and consumption. In addition, the region is driving events as the celebrations of the harvest in vineyards as Dos Buhos, Vinicola Toyan, La Santisima Trindad and Vinedo San Miguel.

Source:  Forbes Mexico

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