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Rosewood’s Restaurant 1826 Will Paint Your Palate with the Flavors of Mexico

Brunch at Rosewood San Miguel de Allende

When you think of Mexican cuisine you think of spices and wonder about the secret ingredient put into every dish. Well one of the biggest secrets of how food is prepared can be found nearby on local farms and producers who supply the freshest products. It’s the hard work and care that is put into producing the best fruits and vegetables, from when the seed is put in the ground to the making of an incredible array of Mexican dishes.

San Miguel de Allende’s Rosewood Hotel embraces the farm-to-table philosophy and delivers a unique culinary experience in every meal they provide for their guests. The luxury five-star hotel sets up a buffet-style eatery and lays out all the delicious options to satisfy every taste. As you enter their restaurant you have several stations to choose from. You will be greeted by a mixture of aromas as food is prepared in front of you and presented in artisan bowls. A few things you might come across are handmade blue corn tortillas, a block of honeycomb that is displayed above eye level, dripping honey into a container ready for you to scoop onto your fruit or toast.

The selections of cheese are delivered fresh daily and will pair brilliantly with the restaurant’s finest wines. The chefs at Rosewood’s Restaurant 1826 work with local farms and producers to obtain a variety of fresh organic ingredients. Guests can choose to eat alfresco in the surrounding patio areas overlooking the estate garden and with a view of the city. You can also sit inside the elegant dining area close to the artisan open kitchen.

Out of the 36 Rosewood Hotels around the world, San Miguel’s was rated the best one. The estate grounds are simply charming. You’ll feel that you’re in an authentic hacienda with its colonial architecture. For a luxurious and refreshing stay with some of the best fine dining San Miguel has to offer, Rosewood should be your top choice. Rosewood terrace-San Miguel de Allende

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