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San Miguel Vineyard Real Estate


San Miguel de Allende Vineyard Real Estate

As San Miguel de Allende’s vineyards and wineries in and around the area are gaining popularity, so is a new concept in San Miguel de Allende Real Estate. Wine lovers and those who are enchanted by this colonial town in the heart of Mexico now have the opportunity to embark on a unique venture that combines San Miguel de Allende real estate with the experience of fine wine, a taste of the good life and the opportunity to own a piece of a vineyard along San Miguel Mexico’s picturesque countryside.

While living in San Miguel de Allende is exciting in itself, owning Vineyard real estate in Mexico and living amongst rows of grapevines just outside this UNESCO World Heritage Site takes life in San Miguel to a whole new level – one that is quickly becoming the latest craze among Central Mexico’s budding wine country.

Owning Vineyard Real Estate in San Miguel de Allende

In these elite “Vineyard Estate” communities, property owners are given the opportunity to own real estate and enjoy a laid back lifestyle in a serene setting among a master-planned development with luxurious amenities, while reaping the benefits of owning their very own vineyard in San Miguel de Allende.

Owning a luxury home among the picturesque vineyards and wineries in Guanajuato, Mexico and San Miguel de Allende offers owners an exclusive lifestyle where the love of food and wine cannot only be enjoyed, but richly savored in everyday living.

Central Mexico’s Vineyard Estate Communities

Three communities just outside of San Miguel de Allende are leading the way in this intriguing concept of wine infused real estate in Mexico:  La Santísima Trinidad, Viñedo San Miguel and Los Senderos.

As San Miguel de Allende’s first “Vineyard Estate” communities, these developments are offering exceptional real estate opportunities for property owners to surround themselves with their own vineyards, allowing owners an up-close-and-personal involvement in the winemaking experience.

Most of these San Miguel de Allende Wine Communities also offer year-round access to their winery and its facilities where vineyard real estate owners can choose to have their crops tended to and harvested by expert agro engineers and winemakers. Residents will also enjoy year-round wine tastings and food pairing seminars making living and enjoying a wine-lovers lifestyle exclusive and carefree.