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The Luxury of Wine by the Glass in Your Own Home


We have all been there. You really want to pull out a bottle of one of your favorite wines in the cellar but you’ll have to drink whole bottle, within a few hours to maximize it’s flavor and aroma.  Yes, wine requires a commitment, but it is not pricey bottles that comprise the whole equation. Now the other side of the equation is good to go, drinking the wine, whenever you wish, but you don’t have to drink the whole bottle, today.

Now the Dacor Wine Station allows for opened bottles of wine to be stored and preserved for up to 60-days! This gift to wine lovers stores up to four bottles of wine and keeps them tasting fresh for yes, two months, thanks to automated argon gas powered temperature controls. The quality of your wine depends on the control of light exposure, air humidity and storage temperature. This unique home wine dispensing station uses the argon gas to stop oxygenation and allows wine bottles to be opened and available with a press of a button.


Now your pours are available on-demand with one-touch and in any amount you want, with no guilt of opening one of your wine cellars best. The wine appliance is only about twenty inches across, stands only less than thirty inches tall so it sit on the countertop or be installed built into your cabinets…all for $5,000.

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