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Tres Raices Winery


Tres Raíces: San Miguel de Allende’s Newest and Largest Winery

Another stop along the expanding San Miguel de Allende wine route north of town, a new winery, Tres Raíces plans to offer something unique to visitors when it opens in July 2018.

You won’t find the traditional colonial architecture or whitewashed adobe of the region at this winery. Its brand new design is stylish and more modern than most wineries.

Less than an hours drive from San Miguel, this 50-hectare vineyard (largest in SMA) is surrounded by rolling alfalfa fields and will be home to a 12-room boutique hotel with cool bungalows. Guests can stay in these modernist yet elegant cottages and wake up to a sunrise over the valley and platueo. Tres Raices will also boast also wine spa, beautiful gardens, restaurant, tasting room and wine cellar of course.

Visitors will be able to sip wine on the outdoor decks of the property and diners will have sweeping views of the vineyards from their tables. It’s the sort of impressive venue that would be perfect for one of the popular destination weddings that takes place each year in San Miguel, a growing trend in the area, just like the expanding San Miguel Wine Route.

But if the couple to be is serious about the wine too. “This isn’t just some little hotel garden we are tending,” says Alejandra Cordero. The vines here still have six-months to go before they yield their first grapes, but Tres Raíces has already begun producing its 2016 and 2017 vintages. Currently in the works, their first house wines will be crafted from local grapes brought in from an area with a similar high plain desert climate located in Chihuahua. The 2018 collection of reds will include a Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah.

Upon its completion, the vineyard will grow several of its own varietals of grapes of course including Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, and Sauvignon Blanc.

Visitors to Tres Raices will be able to walk along a raised catwalk to observe and learn more about the winemaking process before heading to the tasting room.

Tres Raíces Winery was the dream of three business partners from the state of Tamaulipas who came to San Miguel de Allende, like so many do, on vacation, and fell in love with the area. Each of them had three children, and they envisioned the winery as a way of putting down roots in Guanajuato and creating a legacy to pass along to their kids. It’s why they named the winery Tres Raíces, meaning “Three Roots.”

Tres Raíces hopes to help promote vinitourism in the area around San Miguel de Allende, and of course all of us here at are here to help.

According to Cordero, “I think this part of Mexico is going to be an innovator. I don’t want to make a wine that tastes like a French wine or an Argentine wine. Mexico is asking itself right now ‘What we can do?’ On a personal level it’s really interesting, it’s a big challenge. I don’t want to make wine like anyone else, I want to be authentic.”

Wine is their priority, but they also plan to give a top-notch customer service, hotel and hospitality experience too. Look for more on Tres Raices Winery as we get closer to their official grand opening. We are all very excited for them.