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Vega Manchon Winery – Cuna de Tierra


Vega Manchon Winery – Cuna de Tierra

This award winning winery began in Dolores Hidalgo, near the historic town of San Miguel de Allende, as the dream and passion of two friends, Don Juan Manchon and Don Ignacio Vega. Their love of wine and the history of wine in the area brought them together to create Bodega Vega Manchon, and Cuna de Tierra.

Don Juan Manchon’s son, Juan Manchon, left Guanajuato’s wine region to study oenology and when he completed his studies he returned to the winery.  The first harvest was released in 2005, now under the watchful eye of the new winemaker. With mature 15-year old vines, which have been carefully cultivated over time, the first commercial release from the winery was in 2008.  As with all quality vines and a winemaker’s experience, the flavors and complexity of the wines improved.  Restaurants in San Miguel de Allende were some of the first to support and sell wines from Vega Manchon.

Cuna de Tierra Wine in San Miguel de Allende

In 2010, the Cuna de Tierra label (Cradle of the Earth) was created and released to the public.  It has gone on to become nationally and internationally awarded in wine competitions around the world and is now an important part of the San Miguel wine country.

Growing strictly vinifera grapes and providing precise attention to grape selection, the harvest process and the barrels, Vega Manchon is one of the leading wineries in the Guanajuato, Mexico wine region and rivals wines from around the world.Currently there are 6 red wines offered and 1 white, grown on 30 hectares of vineyards in what is now the San Miguel and Guanajuato wine region.  In 2013, 2 famous Mexican architects completed the re-design and construction of the new winery, wine cellar, wine tasting area and welcome facilities.

The Vega Manchon winery is situated 11 kilometers along the Dolores Hidalgo – San Luis de la Paz highway from San Miguel de Allende and the winery offers tours through the vineyards, the wine cellar and patrons can also partake in wine tastings with food pairings. Vega Manchon winery is well worth the journey from San Miguel de Allende to enjoy the true flavors of the grounds around Guanajuato.  Vega Manchon is a must see winery along the San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato Wine Route.