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Viñedo San Miguel

Among the up and coming wine developments in Guanajuato, Viñedo San Miguel is an exclusive San Miguel de Allende vineyard and real estate community just 10-minutes from Centro, the historic heart of San Miguel. Spread over 120 hectares or 353 acres, Viñedo San Miguel has graciously distributed its land allowing for ample space for the surrounding vineyards.  Here, 20% of the property is for development while 80% remains for the vineyards and exclusive amenities.

At Viñedo, owners enjoy a carefree lifestyle while living among the fruits of their labor. The vineyards are cared for by state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified personnel making owning a vineyard in Mexico maintenance-free and enjoyable.   Owners here have the option of producing their own varietal under their personal label and enjoying it for their own consumption or marketing and selling their wine and/or grapes for a profit.

Viñedo San Miguel de Allende Mx

This world-class San Miguel de Allende winery and vineyard real estate development boasts Tuscan style architecture with great attention to detail. Here you will find a place of inspiration where you can feel tranquil and secure. You will also discover the perfect balance between nature, vast landscapes and modernity, all while using sustainable technology to protect the natural environment inside the gates of Viñedo San Miguel.

Among the many amenities at Viñedo owners enjoy a swimming pool, horse stables, tennis, gourmet dining, wine shops and more. One of the highlights of owning a piece of a San Miguel de Allende vineyard at Viñedo is the exclusive invite to wine tastings, dinners and the annual wine harvest party.

Viñedo gives wine-lovers an experience beyond compare, in a place where Mexico’s vineyards seamlessly blend into the beautiful San Miguel de Allende backdrop.