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Viñedos La RedØnda

Viñedos La RedØnda

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Like the very finest wines, the legacy of Viñedos La RedØnda is one fermented from the finest beginnings and aged to perfection with a combination of passion and expertise.

Founder Don Vittorio Giaginto Bortoluz Perencin (or Jacinto, to his friends) was trained as an agricultural expert specializing in viticulture and winemaking at Italy’s prestigious School of Conegliano. He was lured to Mexico in the 1940s by Delicias Winery, who hired him to develop vines for the territories of Chihuahua and Coahuila. Many wines were graced by the magic touch of Don Vittorio, including the renowned Urbinon and Terrasola labels.sierra gorda chardonnay wine mexico

Thirty years later, Don Vittorio would forever change the landscape of Mexican wines with a vineyard he founded in the Queretaro region just a short drive from San Miguel de Allende. Christened Viñedos La RedØnda, the grape varietals cultivated at his vineyard placed him squarely atop the who’s who of the national viticulture.

The house that Don Vittorio built now has more than forty years of winemaking on its resume, developing first-rate vintages in this semi-desert region 1950 feet above sea level marked by the same capricious weather that gives the vineyards near the Mediterranean Sea their distinctive bouquets.

central mexico winesViñedos La RedØnda produces wines for three in-house labels: La Redonda features a selection of white, rose, red and sparkling table wines, while the Orlandi wines have been aged in American oak barrels. The award-winning Sierra Gorda is a premium label that represents the very best the vineyard has to offer, with a full selection of robust wines rich in both character and personality.

The winery also imports fine wines from other countries to complement the menu offered at the vineyard during weddings and other events that choose it as the backdrop for the special occasion. These special additions include a selection of ports and Proseccos and are available for sale alongside their entire catalog at on their website, with door-to-door shipping throughout Mexico.


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